Absolute Do’s list!!
Please read before Consigning!
Brands we DO take- (note that we it’s impossible to list every single brand that is our style and love but these
are examples of shops we do accept if you have another brand you have that is similar to this style please
consign it) 
Also note- we do take these brands 90% of the time once and a while for whatever reason we do not accept
maybe because of damage or we are not feeling the style. So please remember that anything may be donated
once it is consigned in our store.
Brands we Do take- Betsey Johnson (not Betseyville although we do take that sometimes just not as much)
Harley Davidson, Lip Service, Ed Hardy, XOXO, Juicy Couture, INC, guess, DKNY, Hot Topic, Fredricks of
Hollywood, L.A.M.B., Harajuku Lovers, BEBE, Custo Barcelona, Unif, Heaven, Mudd, Gunne sax, Ragged
Priest, All Saints, Jaded London, I am Gia, Ohmighty, BettyBoop, Sanrio, Selkie, Hysteric Glamour, Tripp
NYC, Junk Food, YRU, Demonias, Deisel, True Religion, Dollhouse, Hell Bunny, Vondutch, Wheels and
Dollbaby, Delias, Liz Lisa, Valfre, Doc Martins, Baby Phat, Royal Bones.
DESIGNER ITEMS- Read before consigning! We love designer items some of our favs are Vivienne
Westwood, Moschino, Mugler, Blumarine, McQueen, Gaultier, Galliano to name a few we also like the big well
known houses such as- Dior, Gucci, Chanel, etc.- The only thing you must know is that we have very little
space and we sell things to move so we price it at a price we feel will move and if they are sitting for a while we
price even lower than that- So you will not get nearly as much money as you paid for them- If you are not
comfortable with consigning these items please just DON’T. Designer takes a long time to move and we try our
best. We do not deal with people calling about items they brought in and getting upset with how we priced it.
Also, with designer handbags we only have limited space behind the counter for them. If that space is filled, we
do not accept any more until one moves. Please email us with a picture before if you would like to know if we
are accepting it. If you are rude and want a certain price for your items we will not sell it. 
Styles that we love when consigned-
-Vintage!!!! We take 90% of vintage the only reasons we don’t take it if its very damaged ir just frumpy and
· Dresses-Slip (one of our favorite things to see) Baby Doll, retro maxi and, vintage midi dresses.
· Band tees and vintage tees (almost always accept)
· Clothing from or inspired by different Eras (90's is our favorite)
· Cheetah print, zebra print, basically any animal print!
· Gingham, plaid, a vintage floral, interesting textiles, fluffy and fuzzy things as well <3
· Skater Shoes and brands- For our guy section <3
· Platforms boots, just any funky shoe or bag
 - jeans like y2k lowrise or baggy dad jeans-need to be on trend at the moment- if you know you know) if you
don’t maybe just don’t bring them since everyone owns jeans we are usually over stocked.
 Skirts- we are big skirt people we love anything from ultra mini to maxi hippy skirts.
· Anything that you look at and think, I NEED THIS! Try to remember back to when you bought the item you
are trying to consign
· Consignors that shop here!! If you love the clothes that are already in the shop then we will most likely love
the clothes in your closet! If you do not take the time to look around to see the style we accept or can never
really find anything you like, then we probably do not have the same taste. Let us both save each other’s time!!

Absolute Don’ts list!!
Note: We are not trying to offend, we are just trying to explain and be as fun as possible with this list
please take it lightly but also serious in not doing these rules before consigning.
Please read before Consigning!
Brands we DO NOT take- (note that we it’s impossible to list every single brand that isn’t our style but
these are examples of shops we do not accept if you feel like another brand you have that is similar
to this style please do not consign it) 
Anne Taylor, Chicos, Jcrew, Old Navy, New York and company, White House, Black Market, Banana
Republic, Talbots, Shein, Forever 21, The Limited, Lulu Lemon, Brooks Brothers.
Key words of styles we DO NOT accept- frumpy, conservative, boring, fast fashion, cheaply made,
unremarkable, makes sense why you are getting rid of it and never wore it. 
List of rules and items we DO NOT accept
   No more than ONE bag per consignor- Note we have a very small storage room and space we
cannot fit your whole closet.
· Active wear (Clothes you work out in)
-Business wear- No Suits, Slacks, work button ups, or boring business clothing ( as you can tell how
are store looks we like fun exciting we don’t want boring business clothing that is so common and you
can get anywhere.
· Unwashed Clothing- Please bring pieces that are clean, nobody wants anything with stains or an
odor to it.
· No bras, or underwear (obviously but you would be surprised what we have seen)
· Things that are not in season (We do not want to see heavy coats when it is 100 degrees out or
shorts when it is snowing)
· Men’s dress shirts or khakis that you have over 50 of. If it is not unique in your closet it won’t be in
the store.
· Wedding dresses bridesmaids or mother of the bride gowns. (we do not have enough room and they
are very hard to move
· Prom dresses again (just keep it or give it away no consignment store wants your prom dress.)
 Consignors that do not shop at Pearl St.- it seems like common sense but if you do not like
shopping with us because the store is not your style than please don’t waste our time and
space bringing us clothes that are not our style.
 PEOPLE WHO ARE RUDE TO US!! This is most important policy. We will absolutely not work
with you if you are rude to our staff in any way. We have over a thousand consignors and
really do not need any more. You are not doing us a favor bringing Talbots and Anne Taylor
and other clothes we do not want (because 99% of the rude people are the ones that bring us
clothes that are not our style.) You are doing us a huge disservice by disrupting our peace and
wasting our time and yours. Do not act shocked when we give you your negative energy right
back- REMEMBER you are NOT a customer, you are a supplier. You are NOT the business
owner or part of the staff so do not think you can make your own policy and come up with
pricing. We do not change our policy for anyone. If you don’t like our policy, simply do not
consign (nobody is making you), figure out another way to sell your clothes or consider
donating them to your favorite charity. If you are rude or act angry because you don’t like our
policy, we will put you on our Do-Not-Consign list and talk about how rude you were amongst
ourselves. Do not waste our time with your temper tantrums Just read our policy and decide if
it is for you or not to consign with us (it’s that simple).

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