Pearl St. accepts consignment from the 1st through the 15th of every month. We will donate your items to Lunch Break or Good Will if they are not following our aesthetic or if we don’t think we can sell them. Please read the Do’s and Don’ts on our website and curate your bag. We use a DROP OFF system where you drop off ONE bag of your pre-curated items, where we typically will accept 10 items or less. Anything that does not match what we are looking for will be donated. If any items are damaged or have an odor they will be discarded. Sometimes we do not accept anything. Do not bring in anything you are not willing to part with. If you have a designer piece of very high value, we can let you know, in advance, if we will accept. Please have that item out and ready to go if and when you ask. You can also email or text a picture to our store phone if it’s one item. Again, WE DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR BAG OF CONSIGNMENT UPFRONT!! Once you consign your items, we decide if what will be put out for sale in our store or donated. Either way, you do not get items back. We have found that doing so is unmanageable and most consignors do not pick up their unaccepted items. Pearl St. takes in a lot of consignment and we turn over inventory quicky.If your items do not sell quickly, they will be donated to make room for new items.If an item is in the store past 90 days, it is donated or becomes store stock. If you are not comfortable with this or anything in our policy, please do not consign with us. We have 100s of consignors and do not have time for consignors frantically calling us about items they wanted to get rid of in the first place and have now changed their mind. The mindset going into our policy is to help you clean out your closet, sell what can be sold so you can make some extra cash from unwanted clothing. It is supposed to be fun. We DO NOT tolerate drama or attitude. We will ban you from consigning if this happens. Remember, you are a potential supplier and we are not required to work with you. Please respect our experience and technique of reselling. We have tried many policies and this one has given us the most success for us and our consignors. When consignors try to make their own rules, it interrupts our flow. We won’t work with consignors that are rude and bossy.

We DO NOT supply the consignor with a list of accepted consigned items. If your need a list of your items, please send an email to with the Subject: Inventory Request. Include your name and date of consignment in the email and we will email back an inventory. We supply all the inventory lists on the 15th of the month-(please be patient we have to price all the clothing before it goes in our system) This is a list of items we accept not items we donated. 

The Pearl St. Team determines the prices of each garment, we DO NOT NEGOTIATE the prices. We DO NOT pay for items up-front. Consignors will receive 40% of the sale price. A check for any sold items will be processed on the 20th day of every month and mailed to the address you provide. NOTE Checks have been arriving later due to covid. We are not responsible for the mail being slow. Also, we DO NOT rewrite checks if it is stated by the bank that the check was delivered to the address you provided. We are not responsible after that point, so be careful with your checks. We do not replace checks if you lose them or take a bad picture when you deposit them via phone. The bank cannot find the Pearl St. account if you cover up the numbers on the bottom of the check when you deposit by phone. We do not rewrite checks that were not deposited properly via phone.

We want consigning to be a fun experience for everyone. We want fair and appropriate prices for the customers and we want the consignors to get a fair price for their pre-loved clothes. If you have any questions, please email us We typically have one person running the store and answering the phone. The staff does not have time for lengthy conversations. If you call, the staff will direct you to the policy and email. AGAIN, if you do not like anything about our policy do not consign with us. Part of our policy is being comfortable with it.  Be cool! It’s just consignment! Thank You!

Thank you! Pearl Street

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